Please click the link below for a short video that shows how to reset your password.

How to reset your password

Please make sure when you are entering your temporary password, that you are not including any additional spaces or characters.  A common error, when copying and pasting, is to copy a space before or after the password by mistake.  A space invalidates the temporary password.  Each time you have 5 unsuccessful login attempts, your account will lock for 15 minutes.  We cannot unlock a soft-locked account.  Eventually, with many unsuccessful login attempts, your account will hard lock and you will be required to contact us in order to unlock your account.

Make sure that your new password you are creating meets 3 out of 4 of the following criteria:

  • Uppercase characters (A through Z)
  • Lowercase characters (a through z)
  • Digits (0 through 9)
  • Special characters ( {}[],.<>;:'"?/|`~!@#$%&*()_-+= )