You will need to create an account on if you do not already have one.  Once you are logged in, you will need to link your certificateID in order to apply online. The My eCert wizard will help you to create a certificateID if you do not have one.


At this time, we are accepting online applications for the following types of certificates only:

  1. First Issuance
    1. Full - Initial
    2. Full – Professional 
    3. Preliminary – Temporary Initial
    4. Preliminary – Expert Residency
    5. Career and Technical Education (CTE) 3YR
  2. Renewal
    1. Full - Initial
    2. Full – Professional 


The following types of certificates must be renewed via paper only:


Type of Certificate

Certificate Area


All Full certificates

School Nurse Teacher

School Social Worker

Require copy of the appropriate Rhode Island license.     

Career and Technical Education (CTE) 3YR renewing to a Career and Technical Education (CTE) 4YR

All CTE certificate areas


Emergency certificates (first issuances as well renewals)

All certificate areas

Emergency certificates requested by the LEA where you are employed


Paper applications must be mailed to, or dropped off at the RIDE drop box in the main lobby at:


Rhode Island Department of Education

Office of Educator Quality and Certification

255 Westminster Street, 4th Floor

Providence, RI 02903-3400


Paper applications can take up to 16 weeks for processing.


Please feel free to submit a ticket if you have any further questions.  Please choose the Certification topic.