When you click on My eCert, do you receive the following message?

Your RIDEMap Profile is not linked to a Certication ID.

Sorry, there is no educator account associated with your RIDEMap username. Your user account must be >linked with a valid certification id to continue. You can link your account by clicking on the Update User Profile link from the main RIDEMap Homepage: https://ridemap.ride.ri.gov.

If so, you need to add your Cert ID to your RIDEmap account.  In order to print your certification, you must have the cert ID included in your RIDEmap profile.

Please click your username in the upper right-hand corner when logged into RIDEmap.  Then click "Update user profile" > "Update profile" > "Add certification ID".  If you are unsure of your cert ID#, visit the Educator Verification Portal.  Once you have added your cert ID, you should be able to access and print your certification.